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Chiropractic Services Offered by Albanese Chiropractic in Glen Allen

You may not be aware of all the benefits chiropractic care can offer. Relief from back and neck pain, numbness and tingling, headaches, just to name a few. We also provide valuable lifestyle advice focused around nutrition, core exercises, stress reduction, identifying daily routines and habits that may be causing undue stress on your body. 

If you are looking for a chiropractor in Glen Allen, look no further than Albanese Chiropractic.

Corrective and Wellness Care

Chiropractic care is two-fold: most often initial care addresses underlying problems leading to an increase in symptoms. Identifying and stabilizing a problem is the goal during your initial phase of care. The second phase of care stabilizes the problem and during that time creates healthy habits to mitigate future relapses.  

Once you have improved and are free of pain, wellness care will assist in decreasing future problems. While you may need more frequent adjustments to recover from an injury, wellness care visits are usually shorter and scheduled for between 1-4 times a month.

Core Exercises

To help reinforce your spinal adjustments to maintain healthy spinal alignment, we teach patients core exercises that can be done at home.  These exercises help build on the effectiveness of the adjustments you receive at Albanese Chiropractic to help keep your spine stable and in a healthy position.

Practical Advice

Our chiropractors offer lifestyle and nutritional advice to help you maintain your wellness. Making changes to your daily routine, such as avoiding certain activities and concentrating on a diet and exercise plan, keeps your health at an optimum.

Our coaching helps you identify habits and activities that could be causing pain, such as improper posture while working at a computer which can cause neck pain or slouching in your favorite recliner leading to back pain. Being mindful of things like this leads to better spinal alignment and thus, less pain.

Nutritional advice focuses on diet and exercise, but also using techniques to achieve better sleep and emotional health.

Postural and Backpack Screenings

Our office offers quick, non-invasive postural and backpack screenings in both our office and at health fairs, community events, and schools. Children carry heavy backpacks and it often leads to an imbalance, creating poor posture with the excess weight on their spines. During our screenings, we offer suggestions to help kids get an early start to good spinal health.

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