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Back Pain

Pain medication is usually the first thing people reach for when their backs hurt. If you're looking for more than just temporary pain relief, our chiropractor in Glen Allen, VA, can help. Dr. Michael J. Albanese, D.C. of Albanese Chiropractic has an arsenal of chiropractic care solutions for chronic pain, including spinal adjustments.


Reasons Why Back Pain Occurs

Acute or chronic pain in the upper, mid, or lower back happens for different reasons. However, the low back is most often affected since the lumbar spine is more prone to overuse and degeneration. Common causes of pain include neck or back injury, muscle strains, poor posture, vertebral misalignment, or prolonged sitting for work. The following spinal conditions are other common culprits responsible for back pain:

  • Degenerative disc disease: Caused when spinal discs deteriorate or break down
  • Disc injury: Such as a bulging or herniated disc
  • Spinal stenosis: The spinal canal narrows and squeezes the nerves
  • Spondylolisthesis: A vertebra slips forward onto the one below
  • Spinal arthritis: Inflammation of the facet joints
  • Sciatica: Caused by pressure on the nerve root from a herniated disc, inflammation, or narrowing of the spine

Typical Symptoms

You may feel constant or off-and-on pain in the upper, mid, or lower back. Swelling or muscle pain may occur from strains. A pinched nerve root may lead to pain radiating down the leg, numbness, or tingling (sciatica). Pain may radiate to the neck, shoulder, or arm if the problem originates in the upper back spine. Back stiffness and limited movement are other symptoms.

Chiropractic Care for Back Pain in Glen Allen, VA

We will conduct a detailed evaluation during your appointment at our family wellness center in Glen Allen. This may include a physical exam, spinal X-ray, a range of motion test, or MRI to diagnose the underlying condition. We may combine several pain relief methods and rehabilitation therapy to improve your condition.

Our chiropractor in Glen Allen may perform spinal adjustments to reposition the region of the spine that is out of alignment and restore range of motion. The non-invasive treatment frees compressed nerves, opens up the neural pathways, and gently moves problematic discs back in place. Adjustments also trigger a rush of healing nutrients that help reduces inflammation and pain. You should eventually be able to flex your spine within range without feeling pain.

Other natural pain relief solutions include core exercise therapy to reduce muscle pain, nutritional advice, and healthy lifestyle coaching.

Schedule Chiropractic Care at Our Family Wellness Clinic in Glen Allen

At Albanese Chiropractic, it's more than adjusting the spine. Our chiropractor in Glen Allen, VA, can help you craft a healthy lifestyle through our therapies, postural screenings, and preventative wellness care. Call our family wellness center at (804) 290-4414 to make an appointment.



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