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Workshop Videos

"Discovering Your Health Potential"

"Think Well, Creating a Healthy Mindset and Decreasing Stress"

"Creating My Perfect Plate"

"Think Well, Creating a Healthy Mindset and Decreasing Stress"

"90 Day Lifestyle Challenge Kick-Off"

"Building Blocks to a Healthy Diet"

"Know GMO'S"

This workshop is a comprehensive look at the GMO food industry. You will learn about how GMO foods are made, why companies manufacture GMO foods, the FDA's role in monitoring GMO manufacturers, the fight to enact labeling laws and GMO manufactures fight to stop labeling laws, what foods contain GMO's, how to know if the food you are eating contains GMO ingredients, and much more.


"Abundant Health and Energy Through Everyday Nutrition"

Learn how changes in your diet can cause increases in energy and bring about abundant health. This workshop will help you transform your life by addressing common diet mistakes.Learn what your body truly requires to be healthy and what common foods can be detrimental to your health. Tired of gaining weight after dieting? Learn how to decrease cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure. Find out how to reach your optimal weight and stay there for LIFE!

"Creating My Healthy Diet"

"The Five Pillars of Health"

"New Year, New You"

This workshop provides insights, ideas and information about the state of health in our country and how you have the ability to create a life filled with an unlimited expression of health, wellness, and vitality!

"Stay Younger, Live Longer"

This is live "Lunch-N-Learn" workshop where Dr. Albanese outlines the five health essentials and explains how to put together a plan to reach optimal levels of health and wellness.

"Staying Younger, Living Longer"

"Think Well - Stress Reduction"

In this workshop you will learn how to develop a healthy thought process and belief system. You will also learn how your mindset will determine what you manifest in your life. Identify the differences between physical, emotion and chemical stress and how they all can cause ill-health and sickness. Dr. Albanese will teach you how to improve your response to stressors we routinely encounter. Learn how stress can cause ill-health, dis-ease, high blood pressure, stomach problems and more. Dr. Albanese will also provide you with strategies to decrease stress and create a healthy mindset to improve your health and life.

"Think Well- Stress Reduction"