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90 Day Diet Transformation

Meet Jared J. the winner of the most recent 90 Day Lifestyle Challenge!

Read Jared's story to learn how the 90 Day Lifestyle Challenge changed his life!

I was slightly overweight, out of shape, sluggish, and felt ill.  You may not notice these things if you met me, but all these were true before the 90 Day challenge with Dr. Albanese.  I weighed 207 pounds at the beginning of the challenge in June.  My eating habits were based on what smelled/tasted good and what was in my budget which was usually something quick and cheap.  I didn’t know it then but cheap food isn’t usually food at all.

It’s October now and I feel and look better than ever.  In the 90 day challenge, I adjusted my thought, diet and exercise habits for good.  I also proved to myself that eating healthy can be done on a tight budget.  During the challenge I focused on all 3 areas (EAT WELL, THINK WELL, MOVE WELL) but the main place I needed help was in how to eat, which in turn affected my thoughts and exercise abilities.  I was pleased to find that the correct way to eat, for my body, was even simpler than the way I was eating at the time.  During those 90 days I spent less, cooked less, washed less dishes, ate more and was by far  healthier at the end of 3 months, all by making these easy changes in how and what I ate.

The THINK WELL portion of the challenge was a lot of fun and taught me to engage my imagination more.  Instead of seeing what’s right in front of you, look beyond it to what you want to see.  It may sound like a hoax, instead it is a great addition to the consistent daily action that must be taken to achieve your life goals.  I look at the vision board Dr. A had us create every day and feel the emotions associated with attaining my personal and career goals.  I have definitely seen some movement in a good direction pertaining to the items on my vision board.

The MOVE WELL portion was brutal!  Even though it was hard in the beginning the results are well worth it.  I played football and wrestled in high school and I worked muscles I was unaware of using the Tabata workouts he swears by.  Oh, and it didn’t hurt that the “Zooska” trainer in the workout videos is foreign with a banging body.  She certainly made the Tabata workouts a lot more fun than they would have been.

Currently, I weigh 175 pounds, I exercise 3-4 days a week consistently and I eat a ton of fat.  At the beginning, one thing I thought really strange was his suggestion to “eat more fat”.  I really had to trust and just follow along with this one because it went against everything I was taught.  Now I can say, I lost a lot of weight by eating more fats, specifically healthy fats.  I feel fantastic!  Almond butter is a staple in my home now.

I started the 90 Day Challenge with Dr. Albanese because I knew that he would be giving us the same information he uses to keep himself and his family healthy.  Overall, this was an awesome experience and I know I wouldn’t have done it as soon as I did without Dr. A and his team packaging the whole thing for us as they did.  All the legwork was done, all I had to do was show up, listen, trust and take action.  Dr. A was always there to answer questions and give advice if I got stuck.  If you are going to undergo this challenge be ready to succeed because all you have to do is remember to: (1) Keep it simple. (2) Take it slow, but not too slow. J  (3) Progress, not perfection and (4) Nuts, Seeds, Fruits, Veggies, Grass feed protein and wild fish.

A Special thanks to Dr. Albanese and his staff for the love, confidence and the $150.00 gift certificate to Whole Foods for my achievement.  The unexpected gift really reinforced all the changes I’ve made recently.  If you read this far you are more likely than not thinking about taking the challenge yourself. I tried to make this letter shorter but there was just soooo much good stuff to share.  I hope the same goes for you.

Richest Blessings,
Jared Johnson, "90 Day Challenge Participant" 

90 Day Diet Transformation

The 90 Day Transformation has an open enrollment, so you can start at any time!

You might be asking, “Why a diet transformation?”

The answer is simple. Our mission is to help as many families as possible create healthy lifestyles and reach optimal health through chiropractic. So we developed a program that is congruent with our mission and can have a tremendous impact on your health and ultimately quality of life!  

There are many diet programs, biggest loser programs, exercise DVD’s and of course local health clubs and gyms that offer diet programs. I'm sure these programs can help you lose weight, but they will most likely be limited in helping you learn about food, diet and creating a healthy diet. This is because most programs are one dimensional, mainly focusing on weight loss. This is why after going through the latest diet or weight loss program it’s a matter of time before the weight returns. It’s the same reason why after starting an exercise program or joining the gym, the momentum slows down and you’re back to your old ways. Unless the change you make becomes part of your lifestyle, it doesn’t last. On top of that, you have to formulate a reason why you want to make changes. And when I say a reason, I mean a compelling reason for wanting to make a change. Losing weight is important, but what will losing weight mean for you, for your life?  

So… what is the “90 Day Diet Transformation”?

It is a transformational program that makes it easy to add new, healthy habits to your life in 90 days. You will have everything you need to initiate changes and make those new changes part of your “new healthy lifestyle!” We’ve taken what science has proven to produce health and integrated it with articles and videos to help you become more informed about what a healthy diet is, along with methods that help you successfully make dietary changes that will produce greater health. 

“The Challenge”

It’s NOT hard to make healthy choices. However, it’s sometimes difficult to live healthy in an unnatural world…in fact, it’s too easy to live unnaturally. You are surrounded by unhealthy choices that create confusion. Most food labels require a chemistry degree to understand and in the end you're probably not sure what you are eating. Then the question arises; do you buy low fat, no fat, organic, all natural, do you buy food provided by a weight loss company (which may help you lose weight, but most likely not healthy). Your life is probably incredibly busy and it’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed. The result, people have never been sicker. Join us and we will help you navigate through the obstacles you face and empower you with the knowledge to create a healthy diet and never have to "diet again".  

Whether your concerns include weight loss, stress management, heart disease, anxiety, energy, attitude, fitness, or optimal health, this program utilizes the most current, evidence-based strategies to help you create the body, the health, and the life that you want and deserve!

What the 90 Day Lifestyle Challenge includes?

Our goal is to help you develop an understanding of nutrition, food and a healthy diet. We have provided you with some of the best resources available to make your journey seamless. This program is not about the first 90 days, it's about providing you with the tools to navigate from the 91st day forward. 

The 90 Day Transformation has an open enrollment, so you can start at any time!

  • A detailed nutritional assessment 
  • A personalized nutritional - diet plan 
  • A Total Body Cleanse focused on GI health
  • A comprehensive shopping list and helpful cooking tips
  • Weekly articles by some of the most influential athourities on nutrition
  • Weekly video insights by Dr. Albanese to help you navigate through the "diet and nutritional maze"  
  • Resources for countless meals, green drinks, and smoothies
  • Direct email support by Dr. Albanese throughout the 90 days

The total investment for the 90 Day Diet Transformation is $97 for and individual and $157 for two members of your immediate family. We realize this is a nominal fee compared to the cost of most diet - weight loss programs. This program provides you with a nutritional curriculum to help you become more informed about food and diet, as well as the resources that will help you well past the 90th day. This investment also ensures your commitment to yourself in that you will stick to the program.

How do you get started?

The 90 Day Transformation has an open enrollment, so you can start at any time!

1.  Call our office to register for the program. (804) 290-4414.

2. Once your payment and registration are complete, you will receive an email with the Nutritional and Caloric Expenditure Assessments. Complete the assessments and return them to our office  via email (90day@albanesechiropractic), fax (804-290-4416) or in person.

3. Following the analysis of your assessments we will complete your Nutritional Calculator. This information will be emailed to you with the "Getting Started" packet. At that time you will gain access to the 90 Day Diet Transformation Website Member portal to begin the program.  

We’ve taken what science has proven to be essential in producing healthy lifestyles and integrated those concepts into an easy to follow program that will help you successfully make changes with your diet leading to increased health.

On behalf of our entire team at Albanese Chiropractic, we look forward to helping you on create your extraordinary life!