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As we enter the second half of 2015, we are raising the bar for our team and how we can be more impactful in helping you reach greater levels of health. This challenge is just one of the programs we will introduce that will help you “raise your bar”


You make be asking, “why a lifestyle challenge?”


The answer is simple. Our mission is to help as many families as possible create healthy lifestyles and reach optimal health through chiropractic. So in order to be congruent with our mission, we developed a program that would impact each aspect of your health and ultimately have a global impact on your overall lifestyle.


There are many diet programs, biggest loser programs, exercise DVD’s and of course local health clubs and gyms. These are all good, but limited. For the most part they are one dimensional. They focus on one or at most, two aspects of health, but not all. This is why after going through the latest diet or weight loss program it’s a matter of time before the weight returns. It’s the same reason why after starting an exercise program or joining the gym, the momentum slows down and you’re back to your old ways. Unless the change you make becomes part of your lifestyle, it doesn’t last. On top of that, you have to formulate a reason why you want to make changes. And when I say a reason, I mean a real reason for wanting to make a change. Losing weight is important, but what will losing weight mean for you, for your life? Exercise is also important, but what is the underlying reason for wanting to exercise?


So… what is the “90 Day Lifestyle Challenge”?

It is a transformation program that makes it easy to add new, healthy habits to your life in 90 days. It is based on the Bonfire Program, with additional resources to give you everything you need to make changes and make them part of your “new healthy lifestyle!”


The 90 Day Lifestyle Challenge will include:


Recipes for meals and snacks

Recipes for green drinks and juices

Shopping lists

A personal shopping tour at Whole Foods with Dr. Albanese

Exercises and full workout routines

Strategies for creating and designing your life and decreasing stress

A comprehensive article library on nutrition, exercise, healthy mindset and stress

Live strategy and Q & A sessions with Dr. Albanese

Direct support by Dr. Albanese throughout the 90 days

Top prize - $150 Gift Card to Whole Foods!


How can I participate in the challenge?

Contact our office for a registration form or download the attached form and return it to our office.

Program packets will be emailed Tuesday May 26, 2015. Packets can also be picked up at our office on or after Tuesday the 26th.

The official “90 Day Lifestyle Challenge Kick-Off Workshop” will be 

Wednesday, June 3rd


 Hello, my name is Dr. Albanese and I would like to welcome you to the official web site of Albanese Chiropractic. Our site has many resources to help you learn more about health and wellness and how chiropractic can positively impact your well-being like; Kids and Chiropractic, Health and Chiropractic articles, our Weight Loss Program, our Monthly In-Office and Corporate Health Workshops, the Bonfire Health Program, and much more.   
Our philosophy at Albanese Chiropractic is one that involves a natural solution to your healthcare needs with a large emphasis on health education. Our body is designed with the inborn intelligence and ability to maintain health and proper function. All too often our current healthcare system is set-up to merely relieve symptoms, with little understanding of the problem by the patient, and oftentimes never exploring the true cause of the problem. This quick fix mentality has contributed to our nation's current dilemma regarding healthcare. Ailments become chronic, costs continue to rise and a solution is rarely found, while the patient is never involved in the healing process and inevitably destined to repeat this cycle of ill-health and sickness.

In our office, we use scientifically specific techniques to find the problem, teach patients their responsibility in the healing process, and always make corrective recommendations. We feel this approach is the most beneficial to the patient, who is kept involved every step of the way. To aid in the process of reaching an optimal level of health we provide wellness workshops at no charge to our patients, and their family and friends. We believe it's never too early to begin maintaining true health. For this reason we advocate having the alignment of your spine checked to determine if you are developing patterns of spinal misalignment that can be adversely affecting your health, causing pain, or limiting your ability to fully participate in life at the level you would like.
As a patient of Albanese Chiropractic we will do everything in our power to help you on your journey to correcting a problem, restoring and maintaining optimal levels of health for you and your entire family.
Be-Well Dr. Albanese

Health Articles

Escaping Epilepsy: Man Credits Chiropractic Care with Stopping Seizures
Escaping Epilepsy: Man Credits Chiropractic Care with Stopping Seizures
The title above is from a feel-good story published on February 14, 2015, in the Rapid City Journal of South Dakota. The story, written by Christopher Smith, chronicles the life of Robert Renner, an 89-year-old man whose life has been drastically different due to chiropractic care. . . .
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Painkiller Overdoses Kill More Than One American Every Hour
Painkiller Overdoses Kill More Than One American Every Hour
The CDCís Vitalsigns online reported on prescription drug over-prescription, and the correlation between opiate prescriptions and prescription drug overdoses and death on July 1, 2014. . . .
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Chronic Ear Infections, Neck Pain, and Headaches Helped with Chiropractic - Case Study
Chronic Ear Infections, Neck Pain, and Headaches Helped with Chiropractic - Case Study
A case study published on July 17, 2014, in the Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health documented chiropractic care helping a 9-year-old girl who was suffering from chronic ear infections, neck pain, and headaches. Ear infections, clinically known as otitis media (OM), are an inflammation of the middle . . .
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NIH Report Says Spinal Manipulation Unlikely to Cause Stroke
NIH Report Says Spinal Manipulation Unlikely to Cause Stroke
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has issued a report stating that chiropractic care is unlikely to cause stroke as some opponents of chiropractic care have asserted. The report was based on a study published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics on January 15, 2015. . . .
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